About Us

Devoir and Bansal is at the vanguard of Architectural Hardware solution in India Since 1993 has been instrument all in keeping living and works spaces safe, secure and aesthetically appealing.

Devoir and Bansal has made extraordinary locks and hardware for small and large projects luxury villas, estates, high boutique hotels and award winning resorts.

Founded by Mr. Sanjay Bansal in 1993. Company grew Consistently year after year to become what it is today, a brand and a market leader Sanjay Bansal’s vision stemmed help the company to become fortune, its maintained a striking balance between the two different worlds and this was integral to the success of this venture. unexpected finishes, the best quality material and precision engineering. for Sanjay Bansal, there is no compromise on any of these core principles, as he believes that is only the way to build a long lasting Brand.


In keeping the company’s high standards the latest
equipment and processes have been put into play, offering great flexibility in manufacturing and wider spectrum in solutions.
these highly specialized machines are equipped with the latest precision technology which ensures that each lock and key produced in the factory is consistent both quality and functions. The logos, too, are etched using modern laser technology.

With Judicious investment in technology and talents. company is always a step ahead. keeping on eye on the company needs of this day and age, locks & hardware are producing world class equipment and the latest manufacturing method like the single piece flow (SPF).
Devoir & Bansal - Company shall reach in each of the House and building with no complain and secured products.
To be an Company with profitable and innovative one of the major supplier of lot of access, products for Building and Employer to create value to our society.